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OWL Habits of Work and Learning

At OWL, we don't just talk about how we would like students to interact and develop their social and emotional learning, we actively teach it every day.  Our lessons are based on the following 5 traits: INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, COLLABORATION and STEWARDSHIP. 

(Open World Learning Community Habits of Work & Learning)

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Integrity: I can do what is right.

I can advocate for myself and others.

I can stand up and speak out for what is right, even if no one else does.

I can tell the truth.

I tell the whole truth.

I can imagine myself succeeding.

I believe in myself.

I can do my own work and I give credit for work that is not mine.

I take credit for my own work and give credit to others for theirs.

I can be curious.

I keep my mind curious.

I can treat myself and others kindly.

I can open my heart, treating myself and others with compassion.

Perseverance: I can keep trying.

I can stay focused on my work even when things are difficult.

I continue to work through difficult tasks.

I can accept constructive feedback and use it to revise my work.

I accept feedback and revise my work and thinking.

I can strive to produce high quality work.

I always strive to produce high quality work.

I can complete long-term projects.

I continue in a long-term course of action until I complete my goal.

I can rise to meet new challenges and try new things.

I try new things and take necessary risks.

Responsibility: I can do my job.

I can come to class on time, organized and prepared to learn every day.

I come to class on time, organized and prepared to learn every day.

I listen to and follow instructions, using my class time productively to meet deadlines.

I do the things I am supposed to do on time without being told or reminded.

I ask for help when I need it.

I have the courage to ask questions.

I can control my body and language.

I conduct myself in a professional manner.

I can reflect on my own actions and how they affect myself and others.

I can predict and reflect on how my own actions affect myself and others, accepting responsibility and making amends for my errors.

Collaboration: I can cooperate.

I can work with anyone.

I accept personal differences and can work with anyone.

I can share my ideas and listen to others.

I can contribute my own ideas and solicit the ideas of others.

I can perform a variety of roles in a group.

I take ownership for my role in groups and perform a variety of roles.

I can cooperate in working towards group goals.

I can work actively and cooperatively with others to achieve group goals.

I can respect all voices.

I honor all voices and create opportunities for everyone to speak.

Stewardship: I can make a difference.

I can take personal responsibility for shared space and materials.

I can take initiative to care for our classroom and our school community.

I can be a role model for my peers.

I can serve as a mentor for other students.

I can make a positive impact on my school and my community.

I ensure that my community and the world are better places than they were when I arrived.

I can reflect on the long-term effects of my actions.

I can create a positive legacy for future generations.