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OWL Regional History Day Results

OWL Regional History Day Results

OWL had a great day at Johnson High School and a lot of great History Day projects were on display. Thank you to all the students, parents, and teachers who were able to be there to present and/or support our presenters!

Of our 33 projects on display, 26 were recognized in some way at the Awards Ceremony. We have 23 projects (and 41 students) moving on to State History Day on April 20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. 

Honorable Mentions: (judges recognize the work of the students)

  • Hughes Maloney-Vins, JIE on Jackie Robinson
  • Clare Exley, JIE on the Boundary Waters
  • Henry Kick, Atom Pliner, Charlie Stevens, JGD on The History of Vaccines

State Qualifiers

  • Greta Crouser, JID, Matchgirls Strike
  • Matteo Alejandro Provenzano, Charlie Cowles, JGD, Battle of Saratoga
  • Alex Halland, Oskar Helle-Morrissey, Cooper Small, JGD, Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Hannah Loomis, Azriella Barrett, JGE, The Printing Press
  • Finnley Frolek, Rocio Hernandez, JGE, Mary Edwards Walker
  • Jae Lind, Atlas Schultz, JGE, The Plume Trade
  • Anna Funk, JIP, Gordon Parks
  • Charley Cheatham, Beatrice Cosgrove, Abby Horton, Maisy Wall, JGP, Griswold v. Connecticut
  • Lauren Harris, Luci Hulson, JGP, Radium Girls
  • Talulah Karl, JIW, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  • Luisa Schmidt, JIW, Einstein's Theory of Relativity
  • Emily Totushek, JIW, Submarine Fiber Optic Cables
  • Sophie Sherman-Hoehn, JIW, National Parks Service
  • Aeris Hendricks, Ehna Rose Sommerville, JGW, Seneca Falls Convention
  • Marjorie Borer Seablook, SID, Bob Dylan
  • Annabelle Wilson, SID, Modern Architecture
  • Claire Ales, Anya Robertson, SGD, Minneapolis Truckers Strike
  • Aria Kulseth, Connie Van Genderen, SGD, DDT
  • Margaret Moe, SIP, The Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Valentine Thao, Clara Crosby, SGE, Romanov Dynasty
  • Kai Walker, Oscar Mons, Luke Hobday, SGE, Fall of the Aztecs
  • Ellie Patton, Fiona Curran, SGW, Chicago Pile-1
  • Luis Hernandez, Claire Hulson, SGW, Decline of Detroit