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OWL Program Community Grants

OWL PTO Program Community Grants are designed to provide funds to support the extracurricular and education experience for all OWL students, staff and families. 


  • Program Community Grants are to be used to funds OWL-sponsored activities and projects that result in enhanced student experiences.
  • Funds can be used to support activities that take place during normal school hours, after school, or on weekends, and may include projects in the arts, reading, math, sciences, language, school culture/climate, environment or nature, music, theater, sports, student clubs and organizations. For example, theater could apply for funds to create better backstage storage; a group of parents could apply for funds to create a garden in front of the school; the Robotics Team might apply for funds for a piece of equipment; a group of teachers might apply for funds to create a school-wide art installation.
  • We are looking for all types of projects that excite and engage students.
  • Program Community Grants are NOT intended to fund things that can or should be covered by the regular school budget or other special budgets.  For example, the OWL PTO Community Group provides an annual sum to OWL Administration for Interim.  Staff with expenses for Interim should NOT use Program Community Grants for those expenses, but should submit those expenses to OWL administration with their Interim budget request.


All teachers, coaches, advisors, parents and guardians of OWL students are eligible to apply for a Grant. Student organizations or groups can apply via a sponsoring staff member or an advisor. 


The Grant funding will be $2,000 in the fall and $2,000 in the spring. The PTO Community Group Grant Committee may fully, partially, or not fund Grant requests. 


  • Use the awards for the purposes intended.

  • Use the Fall Program Grant funds during that school year and the Spring funds by first quarter of the following school year.

  • Document the implementation (pictures, examples of work, video, a short blurb) and post to the Open World Learning Community Group Facebook page in a timely manner.

  • Submit documentation of its implementation prior to becoming eligible again, if you received a grant.


Grant application deadlines are two times a year:  Fall--October 15 and Spring--March 1
Please submit your application online at:

If you have any questions about OWL PTO Community Grants, please contact Diana Ditsch (