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St. Paul public Schools Bus INformation

For the safety and security of our students and because bus schedules are periodically adjusted, we do not make bus schedules available to the public. Please call the school office at 651-293-8670 for the latest bus information.

Back To School Bus Safety Tips

  • Individual clocks will vary, it is important to always arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
  • Look at the transportation information provided by your child’s school to find out where your child’s bus will pick up and drop off him/her up for school. Call the school office if you have any questions.
  • Use the name tag provided by the school or provide your own name tags for younger children — include their name, emergency contact number, home address, route number and school name.
  • Before the first day of school, prepare your child by practicing how to walk to and from the pickup/drop-off corner and when and where to wait for their school bus.
  • Escort your child to the pickup location for at least the first few days of school and meet him/her at the corner on the return trip.
  • Call your school if you need to change the address to drop off or pick up your child. A child may have different pick up and drop off locations, however the pickup and drop off address must be the same five days per week. Transportation is only provided to home or daycare locations. Both pickup and drop-off locations must be within the attendance or transportation area of the school.
  • Always wait for the bus off the roadway and in a single file line.
  • Wait until the bus reaches a complete stop before attempting to approach the bus. School buses are large, heavy vehicles that cannot stop quickly. Be extra cautious around them and stay outside of the school bus danger zone that extends 10 feet around the bus.
  • Never cross the road until the bus driver extends the stop arm and signals it is safe to proceed.
  • If the bus does not arrive at the scheduled time in the morning contact your child’s school or the Transportation Department.