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David Gundale, Principal

640 Humboldt Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55107

(651) 293-8670 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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What is Expeditionary Learning?

  • The teaching in Expeditionary Learning schools fosters curiosity about the world by creating learning situations that provide something important to think about, time to experiment, and time to make sense of what is observed.

  • Open World Learning Community is a member of the national network of  Expeditionary Learning (EL) Schools, which promote rigorous and engaging curriculum; active, inquiry-based pedagogy; and a school culture that demands and teaches compassion and good citizenship.  EL schools are based on the Outward Bound model, which starts with the belief that we learn best through experience.

    What are Learning Expeditions?

    Our curriculum is designed around experiential Learning Expeditions - multidisciplinary projects that allow students to investigate issues in our school community and the greater world. The study of big ideas enables us to weave together work in science, English, social studies, math, technology and the arts.  When possible, our expeditions result in high-quality information for audiences beyond the classroom.

 We encourage our students to think in many ways by:

    • offering choices of writing topics and choices of selective classes
    • encouraging discussion, debate, and reflection in all classes
    • getting them out of school and into museums, colleges, work-sites and natural environments
    • bringing in experts in fields related to our studies
    • letting their individual curiosity and passion drive their projects
    • by expanding their world through service learning

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